Lawrence, Shaver, Kuhn, Weld, Wallace

                    And Other Related Families




108th Annual


AUGUST xx, 2016

12 noon at home of Clair Ryan

(East side of Conesus Lake)
3610 Shoreline Drive
Livonia, NY, 14487
Routes 15 & 20A
Lakeville, NY

For further information call

Becki or Brian Lawrence

(585) 245-9705

Hotdogs, Hamburgers, rolls and condiments will be provided.

Those attending are asked to bring own place settings, dish-to-pass, and either fresh lemons or a can of lemonade for the traditional Lawrence Family lemonade.  In addition two or three new or gently used items for the Lawrence Family Auction are requested.  There are Lawrence's of all ages that come to the reunion so items may be wrapped or unwrapped, straight forward or tricky to provide fun for the whole family.  Brian Lawrence (son of Norman M. Lawrence, grandson of Mark I. Lawrence), requests that if lodging ideas are needed or you have any questions to please contact him or his wife Rebecca by phone (585)245-9705, by e-mail at

or snail mail at 12 Livingston Street, Geneseo, NY  14454.  Please email Brian the names and addresses of children, grandchildren and other family members so he can invite them to the reunion.

Please bring any old or new family pictures you would like to share.



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