"Thine are the heavens, the earth also is thine; the world and its fullness, thou hast founded them" (Psalms 89:11)


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     The following links are from a variety of sources, and none are connected with this web site.  That being the case, realize that some differences of interpretation might be expressed in the content of these links.  However, all hold true to the basic fundamentals of the Christian faith, and we feel much valuable information can be gleaned from them.  As always, search the scriptures, like the more noble Bereans, to see if these things are so.




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   On-line Helps:

    New Testament Greek English Lexicon

    Old Testament Hebrew English Lexicon

Christian Book Publishers:

    Good Words and Works

    Present Truth Publishers

    Believers Bookshelf

    In The Beloved

Audio Messages (MP3)

Jesus Christ, No Stranger to Controversy  -  This series of eight very interesting audio messages by Mr. Keith Keyser was presented in New Jersey in the Spring of 2006.

   Christ & Law & Order
   Christ & Suffering (Part 1)

   Christ & Suffering (Part 2)
   Christ & the Church
   Christ & the Resurrection
   Christ's View of the Bible
   Jesus Among other 'Gods'  (Christ & Pluralism)
   The Historical Jesus Controversy

Ten Audio Messages from a gathering of Christians

 in North Carolina



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